SandMaster PLUS – Centrifugal-Action Sand Seperator

A stainless steel separator designed to remove sand from residential water systems.
Flow Range:

  • 5-70 US gpm (19 – 265 liters per minute)
The stainless steel Sandmaster Plus doesn’t just filter sand from your water…is separates it with centrifugal action. Your faucet aerators stay clean, your appliances, water heaters, and sprinklers can operate at peak efficiency.

Unlike other sand removal methods, the Sandmaster Plus has no dirty filters to clean or flush accumulated sand out of the system. Simply open the purge valve to flush accumulated sand out of the system.

Or automate the flushing cycle with the reliable PurgeMaster – a battery operated automatic flushing device.

  • Inlet/Outlet: 3/4″
  • Construction: 14 gauge Stainless Steel Outer Shell, Plastic Internals
  • Economical One Time Cost – No Filters To Change
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

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