JPL – Centrifugal Separator

High Performance Liquid-Solids Separation Systems A high performance separator for industrial and light commercial applications. This product is non-accessible for inspection. For applications in which accessiblity is preferred, refer to the JPX model.

Exclusive internal acceleration creates maximumperformance to achieve maximum protection offluid handling systems from unwanted solids (seeillustration inside for details). Its advanced &patented design, building upon the performanceLAKOS is known for, now also removes 50% moreof the finer solids (< 40 microns), resulting inhigher aggregate solids removal. Independentlytested. Proven superior for today’s demandingfiltration requirements.

  • Trouble-free operation & advanced purging/solids-handling concepts keep fluids clean and concentrate separated solids
  • No screens or filter elements to clean or replace; no messy servicing routines
  • No backwashing; zero fluid loss options
  • Low & steady pressure loss
  • Choice of profiles to accommodate space/piping limitations
  • Swirlex internal accelerating slots for optimum solids-removal performance; patented
  • Vortube for enhanced solids separation/collection; patented
  • Grooved inlet/outlet connections for easy installation; optional flanged connections also available
  • In-line inlet/outlet configuration for simplified piping (low-profile models only)
  • Unishell construction for easy installation
  • Optional material construction & ASME code