Sonic-Pro Series Ultrasonic Flowmeters – by Blue-White

Sonic-Pro™ has the ability to measure Fluid Flow using either Doppler or Transit Time methods and, unique to Sonic-Pro™, is a manual switch to toggle between Doppler and Transit Time methods. The ProSeries™ Sonic-Pro™ S1, Hybrid Ultrasonic Flowmeter, is a fundamental unit for systems with limited requirements.

Ultrasonic Flowmeters
  • Selectable Doppler or Transit Time operating mode.
  • Custom quality metric algorithms and DSP technology ensures reliable, high accuracy measurements.
  • Quick and easy clamp-on transducer installation. Proprietary AGC (Automatic Gain Control) algorithm eliminates manual gain adjustment. Three display options: user programmable via 5-button menu driven interface (S3 option), display without menu access (S2 option) and no display (S1 option).
  • Factory configured for easy installation. Includes five user programmable, password protected configurations for multiple user and portable applications.
  • High quality 320 x 240 pixel QVGA backlit LCD. Data logging to standard SD Card format. User configurable to time interval, flow rate and total set-point triggers. 500,000 events with included 32MB SD Card
  • Isolated 4-20 mA output – fully configurable.
  • 0 – 1000Hz Pulse output – fully configurable.
  • Optional computer connection via RS-232, RS-485, USB, Ethernet. Permits remote access and control of all functions including real-time display, system configuration, data logging, remote data capture and process control functions.
  • Software permits remote internet access through local network set-up.
  • Optional process control via three independently configurable 10 amp, form C relays. Configure to flow rate for high/low/range rate alarm or to flow total for either manual trigger batch operations or flow triggered batch operations.
  • Measuring Principle Hybrid.
  • User-selectable Doppler or Transit Time operating modes.
  • Fluid Types
  • -Virtually any acoustically conductive fluid. Transit time mode from 0% to 10% (0 to 100,000 ppm) particulate. Doppler from 0.02% to 15% (200 to 150,000 ppm) 50 micron particles.
  • Fluid Velocity Range
  • -0.25 to 30 feet per second (0.07 to 9 meters per second)
  • Flow Sensitivity
  • -0.001 feet per second (0.0003 meters per second)
  • Nominal Pipe Sizes
  • -2.0 inch – 100 inch (63mm to 2500mm)
  • Pipe Liner Materials
  • -Most plastic liners
  • Pipe Materials
  • -Most metal and plastic pipes
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